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tithes & Offering

Thank you for considering partnering with us through tithing and giving. Your generosity helps us further the work of God in our community and beyond.

  • The tithe is a tenth of our income that we give to the work of the Lord. The first mention of the tithe is in Genesis 14:18-20 where Abraham gave a tithe to Melchizedek the priest. The Law of Moses establishes the giving of the tithe in Leviticus 27:30-32.

  • In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus mentions the tithe as something that we should continue along with the other important duties of the law such as justice, mercy and faithfulness (Matthew 23:23). The Apostle Paul further mentions that our attitude towards giving should be cheerful and generous (2 Corinthians 9:6-13).

  • With the tithes and offerings, the church is able to be God's hands extended to our community and around the world.

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